Ann Flagella

Ann Flagella is a well-known tour manager and talent manager who has worked with some of the biggest names in comedy. Her clients love her because she works hard and cares about their careers and tours as a whole. She has also gotten very good at business, which helps her in everything she does.

Ann Flagella has had a very successful career. She is in charge of big-name comedy tours and talent. She helped make the movie "Dungeons & Dragons: The Movie," in which the bubbly Marlon Wayans played Snails. Her IMDB page lists a number of other roles she has played. But her later work as a talent manager and business manager shows that she loves comedy and comedians. At the same time, her clients' success is nothing to laugh about. 

Ann Flagella used her experience in the movie business to become an expert in tour management and talent management. Working closely with comedians Eddie Griffin and Butch Brady, she came up with a clear idea of how to make sure a whole tour goes well. Flagella helps artists focus on their performance instead of all the other things that go into making it happen. 


She works with the production managers, venue staff, and a whole bunch of other professionals to make sure that the current show, the next show, and the show after that go off without a hitch. Her list of titles shows how she has moved up in her career, and many of her clients have benefited from her management style and experience over the course of her career. There is an Operations Manager, an Executive Producer, a Talent Manager, a Director, and a Tour Manager, among other jobs.